Co-op Basics

Co-op Basics

By Lauren Howell

"It takes a village to raise a child"-- African proverb

Started over 50 years ago, the NSC Cooperative Preschool Program offers a warm and gentle introduction to school and community life for young children and their families. Adults and children learn together, grow together, and actively build a community together.

For children, “co-op” is a safe and nurturing place in which to explore and have fun. Social, emotional and intellectual skills are learned through cooperative and creative play. For parents, it’s a place to improve parenting skills, help shape their child’s first school environment, and form lasting friendships.

For kids and parents alike, co-op builds self-confidence and competence. But most of all, co-op is fun!

What Parents Are Saying About NSC Cooperative Preschools

“Preschool is the highlight of my daughter’s week. It is a chance for her to meet other children and interact with other caring adults. There are opportunities to explore activities not usually provided at home and learn new skills in a stimulating and fun environment.” -- parent of a pre-3s child

“My friends are always amazed at how calm, capable, entertaining and in control I am with groups of young children -- especially since I have only one of my own. It certainly doesn’t come naturally -- I have four years of co-op to thank!” -- parent of a Pre-K child

“My co-op experience really prepared me to take on a leadership role at my son’s elementary school. It gave me a jump start in so many ways: like knowing how to conduct a small group project and otherwise be an asset (instead of a pain!) to the teacher as a classroom volunteer. Having already worked within one school system, I’m eager and confident to get involved in policy making for this one, too.” -- parent of a Kindergartner Next... How a co-op works


Open registration is the process whereby new families register their children for co-op spaces. It is held early in the year for fall entry.