Enrollment Process

The Enrollment Process

Pre-registration for the coming year begins in late February. Our Enrollment FAQ should answer most of your registration questions. Key dates are on the Registration Calendar.

A child currently enrolled in an NSC co-op should register for the upcoming year with the parent coordinator for the class that the child wishes to join. During Priority Registration, first preference is given to families who are continuing in the same class or co-op. Some co-ops also give preference to alumni (children with an older sibling who previously attended the same program). Then places are offered to families who wish to transfer from another NSC co-op during Transfer Registration. Remaining spaces are filled through the Open Registration process. At Open Registration, preference is decided by lottery. If you have missed Open Registration for next year, you should contact the parent coordinator(s) of the co-op(s) you are interested in joining directly to determine if space is available.

Encouraging Participation

The cooperative preschools affiliated with North Seattle College admit applicants and students of any race, color, religion, sex or national ethnic origin and are committed to facilitating participation by offering scholarships to families who might not otherwise be able to participate.

Waiting Lists

Since there are a limited number of slots per class, some co-ops may fill completely; however, a waiting list is maintained for each co-op.

Placement may be made for an empty slot at anytime during the year. The parent coordinator for each class maintains lists of those interested in joining the preschool. A list of openings and parent coordinator contacts enables you to find out how long a class’s waiting list is and what your chances are of getting a space.

Parents Enroll in the NSC Program

Although the child is the one attending preschool, the parent is actually being enrolled in the College program. At the beginning of the school year, parents fill out registration forms for the college and earn credits for the Parent Education component of the preschool program.

Registration Calendar


Open registration is the process whereby new families register their children for co-op spaces. It is held early in the year for fall entry.