Open Registration

The Open Registration Process

Open Registration is an event at which families not yet in the NSC co-op system register for the upcoming year. A lottery is held to ensure that spaces are allotted fairly. This year’s Open Registration date can be found on the Registration Calendar. Once you arrive at the venue the process is as follows:

Important Notes

Support the Parent Advisory Council Scholarship Fund

Support early childhood education – enter to win a raffle prize donated by generous supporters in our community. Raffle tickets are $5/each, all proceeds go to the 'PAC Scholarship Fund!'

Scholarship Fund Raffle Official Rules

Tickets can be purchased from your PAC Representative or at Open Registration. Get yours before they run out!

Learn more about Scholarships here!

FAQ about Open Registration

Q. I have two children to register. What do I do?

A. Your lottery number gives you access to the registration area for all classes and age levels.

Q. What if the co-op of my choice is full?

A. Sign up on its wait list and then proceed to your alternate choice(s). You can guarantee a spot in the NSC system by registering in an alternate co-op, but you will forfeit any non-refundable fees if you choose not to join the co-op in which you register. Please do not get discouraged if you do not get your first choice. There is often movement over the summer, or you may decide to stay in the co-op you joined.

Q. Forgot to have your coffee this morning?

A. You're in luck! We will have a booth selling coffee and sweets.

Welcome to the NSC co-op family... It's a great place to be!

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Open registration is the process whereby new families register their children for co-op spaces. It is held early in the year for fall entry.