Open House for the 3-5 year olds 2014-2015 Class
Saturday, January 11 from 10am-12pm
Come meet Teacher Ricci and see our excellent preschool!

Welcome to Broadview Co-operative Preschool

Broadview Co-op is located at Grace Lutheran Church. Our room is a large and bright space that allows for dramatic play, large motor skill development, circle time, sensory and art stations and a library space. We have an outdoor play area that includes a new climbing structure, tricycles.

We offer programs for Toddlers, Pre-3’s and 3 to 5’s programs. Our Co-op has a strong history with many returning parents, children and teachers. The opportunity to spend time with our children in a preschool setting and watch their development along with their peers is a treasured experience. Many long lasting relationships between children and between parents have started at Broadview Co-op.

Our Curriculum

Our teachers and parents work to provide an interesting and meaningful learning experience for our preschoolers using the emergent curriculum model.

Emergent curriculum describes the kind of curriculum that develops when exploring what is socially relevant, intellectually engaging, and personally meaningful to our preschoolers. Emergent curriculum arises naturally from adult-child interactions and situations that allow for teachable moments.

Emergent curriculum is not built on children's interests alone; teachers and parents also have interests worth bringing into the curriculum. The values and concerns of all the adults involved help the classroom culture evolve.

What's special about Broadview?

Our room is large and organized into interesting stations for our children to explore and learn while developing new social relationships. We have a solid fundraising program and the sense of camaraderie among parents is apparent upon entering the classroom.

Field Trips are an important part of Broadview's commitment to learning. These opportunities allow for children to learn outside of the classroom and experience “hands on” activities. Previous field trips have included visits to: a pumpkin farm, a grocery store, a fire station, Seattle Tilth, the Zoo and Carkeek park.

Extended day programs are for children who will be at least four years of age by August 31st, which begins in November and runs through May. The extended day program allows for the older children to develop skills appropriate to their ages and that requires more attention and detail. The teacher will determine days and times.

What's your involvement?

Each parent is required to work in the classroom, hold a position on the board or participate on a committee, to fundraise, and attend monthly parent meetings.

Our Teachers

Charlotte Wallstrom

When you first meet Teacher Charlotte, she is quick to tell anyone over 3-feet-tall that it might take a little time to remember their name. If you’re a child, she’s likely to remember your name on the first try. If you watch her a little longer you’ll realize why she’s been teaching co-op preschool at Broadview for 17 years, where she currently instructs our younger age groups. Her passion for the children’s growth is evident in everything she does. She paraphrases Will Rogers with her own line that states, “I never met a child I didn’t like.”

Charlotte was first interested in the co-op system when she came to Seattle to earn her Master’s Degree in Education, with an emphasis on Special Education and Early Childhood Education. She has worked with preschoolers since the middle 1970s on the East Coast and in Seattle. She was so impressed with the way the co-op system supports families and children that she attended co-op with her own two children. She couldn’t tear herself away, so when the time came to return to teaching, she became a co-op preschool teacher.

Charlotte works with parents in the classroom to foster self-esteem, independence and learning for both them and their children. She provides an environment rich in activities like art, dramatic play, singing and climbing. She also introduces our youngest students to age-appropriate science experiments and early math activities.

Teacher Charlotte teaches Broadview's Toddler and Pre-3 classes. NOTE: Broadview Co-op is will not run a Pre-3 class in Fall 2013. Check with the school at (206) 363-6744 for the possibility of joining a Pre-3 class starting Winter 2014.

Ricci Kilmer

Teacher Ricci has a deep passion for education. She received her degree from Seattle Pacific University in Mathematics Education and her teaching certificate for Mathematics and Elementary education. Since then she has taught 1st and 2nd grade, written children's curriculum for summer camps, and became a learner right along with her daughter as she home-schooled her from preschool through 2nd grade. Ricci is also a great fan of co-op education, and has participated in NSCC's co-ops with both of her sons.

Ricci believes in children's natural instincts to learn. Our preschool classroom is one in which children are given freedom to discover, explore and try out new things, engaging the world they live in on their own terms. The natural world is common theme and is given a central focus in the classroom. As well, children are engaged through art, hands-on discovery, and play to begin developing the skills they will need to move forward and eventually enter kindergarten. The sheer joy displayed on the children's faces as they learn new things is what keeps Ricci's passion for her students' education fresh and creative.

Teacher Ricci was born and raised in Washington, and currently lives in Shoreline with her husband and three children. She spent five years living and working in her husband's home country of Puerto Rico, where she learned Spanish, the challenges and joys of living in a different culture, and that her favorite flavor of ice cream was coconut sold fresh on the plaza.

She also enjoys sharing her love of Spanish language and culture, as well as her commitment to environmental stewardship, with preschoolers.

Teacher Ricci teaches Broadview's 3-5 and Pre-K classes.

Contact Us

For more information about each of the classes please visit the class page links above. You can also contact the school to leave a message for a Parent Co-ordinator. Parent Co-ordinators can also be contacted via the Openings Listing.

Grace Lutheran Church
11051 Phinney Ave N
Seattle, WA 98133
(206) 363-6744
On the corner of Greenwood Ave. N and N 112th St