Crown Hill

Crown Hill Explorers

We have two Toddler classes and two Pre-3 classes. Schedules are as follows:


Our Redeemer's Lutheran Church
2400 NW 85th Street
Seattle, WA 98117

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Crown Hill 3-5s

We have two 3-5s classes a morning class for youger 3-5s and an afternoon class for older 3-5s. Schedules are as follows:

Babes-in-arms Policy

This Co-op Board has chosen to adopt a policy allowing infants in the 3-5s classes. The class will follow the guidelines from the Risk Management Manual so that insurance covers the children. Please ask the class Parent Coordinator for details.


Northminster Presbyterian Church
7706 25th Ave NW

The school telephone number is 206-784-7402
For more information, visit

If you are interested in joining any of the Crown Hill programs, please contact the class parent co-ordinator.