Welcome to Latona Multi-Age, 0-5 years Evening Co-op Preschool

At Latona Multi-Age Evening Co-op we have interactive fun with our children, as well as learn and talk about Early Childhood Development topics. We are unique from other North Seattle College (NSC) sponsored co-ops because we combine age groups and meet only once a week, in the evening. This allows working parents to participate in the co-op, and siblings can be in the same class! Students may also concurrently enroll in a daytime NSC co-op preschool.


A typical evening begins with about 30 minutes of large motor play. Everyone then comes inside to wash their hands and we transition to inside play with art, sensory bin, dramatic play and snack stations. We practice child-led learning and children may move freely between whichever stations they choose. Every other week, a parent education instructor will walk around and talk with parents individually about topics of concern to them. If enough families are enrolled, half the parents will go to a separate room for group parent ed while the other half watch the floor. Parent Education is held in an adjoining room right down the hall from the preschool class, so if you worry about being away from your child, the door is always open for your child to come visit you and go back out in the classroom if he/she needs to.

8:00 is cleanup time. The teacher will sing the clean up song and everyone will participate in putting things away. Some parents of younger children take this opportunity to change them into pajamas.

In the last 30 minutes of class, we get back together in a closing circle for more singing, dancing, story time and good-byes for the evening.

Parent Duties

In addition to assisting the teacher in the classroom, every parent holds a board or committee position for the year. Positions will be assigned at Fall orientation. For more information about positions please ask your parent coordinator. Snack duty is rotated from week to week and a sign up sheet will be provided at the start of class. Depending on how many families are in the class, families may have to bring snack more than once throughout the year.


We meet once a week on Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8:30 p.m. We follow the Seattle Public Schools holiday schedule.

Required Parent Meetings (for parents only) are held once per quarter with dates and times determined at Fall orientation. These meetings give us a chance to focus on parenting and child development concerns as well as to check on the progress of the class or any other issues that may come up with regard to this program.

Location & Parking

The classroom is on the Northeast corner of the North Seattle College campus, in Room 1304 of the Instructional Building. The street address is 9600 College Way North. Directions and transportation options are detailed on the NSC Maps & Directions page.

Some street parking is available, as well as on-campus permit parking.


The fee structure is outlined below:


If you are interested in joining our preschool, please contact our Parent Co-ordinator via the Openings Listing.