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Our Schedule:

Our Pre-3 class meets from 9:30-11:30 a.m. on Tuesdays and Thursday. Parents participate in the classroom as teacher's aides on one day each week, and drop their child off on the other day. Our schedule for each class is as follows:

Teacher Jeanne McGrady's Biography and Teaching Philosophy

Teacher Jeanne McGrady has been involved in co op since 2006, both as a parent with her two kids and as a teacher. She believes in a play based curriculum, loves child led play and is passionate about community building - cooperative preschool could not be a more perfect fit! Jeanne provides a safe and caring environment for the children while keeping things fabulously fun through art, stories, songs, imaginative play, field trips, outside play and circle time.

Her classes consist of lots of free play for kids to explore and learn as well as fun circle times including lots of songs, games, movement and music. Her goal for the kids is to learn who they are, how to be a part of their community (whatever that is for them) and to begin to learning problem solving and conflict resolution skills. But mostly she wants the kids and parents to have fun learning and to create community for their kids to grow up in.

Jeanne comes back to Latona after a year off to take care of her family. She served as lead teacher for the Latona 3-5s for two years. Her time before that was spent at the Ingraham Pre3s Co Op teaching their Pre3s. She is currently teaching one day a week at the Phinney Co Op as the lead teacher for the parent infant and multi age classes. Her co op experience started with the Phinney Neighborhood Preschool Co Op (PNPC) with her two children, now 8 and 10. When her youngest child was in her last year in co op, she realized that she wasn't ready to leave, so she started her Early Childhood Development studies in 2011 with the goal of becoming a preschool co op teacher.

She has been a Dragon Room Summer Programs teacher at the PNPC where she taught her Kids in the Kitchen summer camp to 4-6 year olds several summers. This camp started in 2009 and is a favorite among all the camps offered at the Dragon Room. Lastly, she has hosts a small playgroup of 10 kids between the ages of 1-5 since 2010 with the PNPC.‚Äč

Parent Involvement:

Cooperative preschool is about involvement. Not only do the parents play important roles as assistant teachers one day per week, they also run the school through Board and Committee positions. Parents attend a parent education meeting once a month that is facilitated by a trained Parent Educator. These meetings provide an opportunity to ask questions and to discuss a variety of topics relevant to your child's development. Through working at school and attending the meetings, parents get to know others in their community and form lasting friendships. We hope you consider joining our school!

Contact Information:

For details on the costs, schedule and openings in our programs please contact the parent coordinator of the program that interests you. Parent Co-ordinators can be contacted via the Openings Listing.

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