Welcome to Meadowbrook Pre-K

Our Program

Our program is designed to meet the needs of the older preschool child who will benefit from a year of pre-K in a class of five-year-old peers. Our goals are to develop social competence and strengthen math and literacy skills for kindergarten readiness. We believe that children learn best in a nurturing, playful, child-centered environment.

Our classroom community helps children develop the social skills needed to succeed in school. We promote self-esteem, confidence, and respect for ourselves and others. We help the children become responsible and independent by providing them with opportunities to make choices and to be helpers in the classroom, and we emphasize cultural awareness and the value of cooperation and teamwork. These skills are developed during activities and dramatic play. There is an emphasis on the unique abilities each child brings to the classroom.

Our program will give the children a chance to explore pre-math concepts and pre-reading concepts in both large and small group settings. We emphasize exploring the environment and nature around us as the best introduction to science concepts, plus hands-on experiments and activities at the discovery table. The creative arts are a big part of our classroom and the children engage their imaginations through dramatic play, story-telling, book making, music, and art media. The children will use materials in their own way, allowing for different learning styles and leaving room for creative expression which will make learning joyful and fun. Our emergent style of curriculum development promotes a collaborative learning environment with an emphasis on respect for ourselves and others and theme based exploration of topics.

Our Teacher - Jeanne McGrady

Teacher Jeanne McGrady has been involved in co op since 2006, both as a parent with her two kids and a teacher. Her co op experience started with the Phinney Neighborhood Preschool Co Op (PNPC) with her own two children. When her youngest child was in her last year in co op, she realized that she wasn't ready to leave, so she started her Early Childhood Development studies in 2011 with the goal of becoming a preschool co op teacher. Since she began teaching co-op in 2011, Jeanne has taught almost every co-op class including Parent/Infant, Pre-3s, and 3-5s. She is looking forward to working with older students again in the Meadowbrook Pre-K class, an age at which they can do so much and have such open minds for learning.

She believes in a play based curriculum, loves child led play and is passionate about community building - cooperative preschool could not be a more perfect fit! Jeanne provides a safe and caring environment for the children while keeping things fabulously fun through art, stories, songs, imaginative play, field trips, outside play and circle time.

Her classes consist of lots of free play for kids to explore and learn as well as fun circle times including lots of songs, games, movement and music. Her goal for the kids is to learn who they are, how to be a part of their community (whatever that is for them), how to advocate for themselves, and working through conflict and dealing with disappointment. But mostly she wants the kids and parents to have fun learning and to create community for their kids to grow up in.


To enroll in the Pre-K Class, children should typically be age 5 by March 31st of the new school year.

Class Schedule

We meet Tues-Friday afternoons from 12:00 - 3:00pm.

More information and Contact

For details on cost, the schedule and openings in the program, please contact us at You may also visit our website at There you will find these details as well as more information about the individual programs offered at our school.

To contact the school directly, please call: (206) 362-0067.