North Seattle Toddler

Welcome to North Seattle Toddler Co-op Preschool

North Seattle Toddler Co-op is a school which offers a great step into the world of cooperative children's education. Here are some other good reasons families have joined our co-op:


The rough breakdown of the two hours is below:

  1. Gross motor play (sandboxes and slides and roller toys outside in the covered play area, plenty of toys and things inside)
  2. Cleanup and put toys away
  3. Circle time--songs (with some props like scarves, rattles, bells, etc)
  4. Snack time + parent cleanup
  5. Specific activity/small motor skills—The room has areas for a variety of activities (sensory table, art projects, housekeeping, books, along with a variety of large and small toys.) The children are free to engage in whatever activity they are interested in. NOTE: This is the time when half of the parents will participate in parent ed. discussion groups.
  6. Closing circle time--songs and goodbyes

Parent Duties

Basic parent duties are snack (a couple times a year), classroom cleanup (a couple of times a year), and every parent holds a board or committee position for the year.


The North Seattle Toddlers class meets Thursday mornings from 9:30 to 11:30 at the NSC campus.

We also have mandatory monthly parent education meetings, held in the evening from 7-9pm. Traditionally this meeting has occurred on the 2nd Monday of each month.

Location & Parking

The class is on the Northeast corner of the North Seattle College campus, in Room 1405/1407 of the Instructional Building. The street address is 9600 College Way N. Directions are available at the NSC Website and transportation options are outlined.

There is street parking available, but it gets pretty tight. A parking person coordinates parking permits for everyone.


The fee structure is outlined below:


For enrollment information please contact our parent co-ordinator.