Northeast Seattle Friday Toddlers

Welcome to Friday Toddler Co-op Preschool!

The toddler year of life is filled with many exciting milestones -- learning to walk, learning to talk, learning that other adults and children are also in this world! Our program provides a warm, nurturing, stimulating, and safe environment for this growth and learning to occur. Northeast Toddler has a great open indoor space, which houses a treasure trove of toys and books. There is also an outside covered play area and a fenced in playground with permanent play structures.

Children must be at least 12 months and no older than 23 months by August 31 of the year they attend the preschool.

Class meets on Fridays from 9:30-11:30 on the NSC campus.

Our Teacher

Our preschool teacher, Monica Harris, has been teaching for 20 years. After graduating from the Oberlin College Conservatory of Music, she went on to complete a Master's in Vocal Pedagogy. She taught at The Merit Music Program in Chicago for two years and, after moving to Seattle, worked with children's theatres as Music Director. Her two children both experienced cooperative preschool. Monica designs the curriculum and helps manage the classroom activities. She is very tuned-in with each and every student and allows for class flexibility based on each student's interests and energies.


The rough breakdown of the two hours is below:

  1. Gross motor play (sandboxes and slides and roller toys outside in the covered play area)
  2. Cleanup and put toys away
  3. Circle time—songs, finger plays, and welcoming each child (with props like scarves, rattles, bells, etc)
  4. Snack time + parent cleanup
  5. Specific activity/small motor skills—The room has areas for a variety of activities (sensory table, art projects, housekeeping, books, along with a variety of large and small toys.) The children are free to engage in whatever activity they are interested in. NOTE: This is the time when half of the parents will participate in parent ed. discussion groups.
  6. Closing circle time—songs (puppets, stuffed animals) and goodbyes

Parent Involvement

Cooperative preschool is about involvement. Parents play an integral role during each preschool session and work together to create a safe dynamic environment for the children to explore. Parents' work at a station during free play and every other week attend parent education sessions (in the classroom). Basic parent duties include periodically providing snack, helping with cleanup, and holding a board or committee position for the year. Once a month, parents attend a mandatory evening parent education meeting that is facilitated by a trained Parent Educator. These meetings provide an opportunity to ask questions and to discuss a variety of topics relevant to your child's development. Through working at school and attending the meetings, parents get to know others in their community and learn valuable tools to enhance the growth of their children.

FEES (for 2015-2016)

The fee structure is outlined below: You pay monthly tuition for your child to attend co-op and you also pay a quarterly tuition (three times per year) to North Seattle College for your parent education portion.

Babes-in-arms Policy

This Co-op Board has chosen to adopt a policy allowing infants in this Toddler class. The class will follow the guidelines from the Risk Management Manual so that insurance covers the children. Please ask the class Parent Coordinator for details.

Location & Parking

The class is on the Northeast corner of the North Seattle College campus, in Room 1405/1407 of the Instructional Building. The street address is 9600 College Way N. Directions are available at the NSC Website and transportation options are outlined.


For enrollment information please contact our parent co-ordinator.