Welcome to Sandhurst 3 to 5s

In your search for a preschool you may view many styles of early childhood education. Many programs, even cooperative ones, have a great deal of structured time. With each adult-led change of activity comes a corresponding transition for the child. Current research shows that children are busier and more scheduled than ever before. Yet research also points to a childs need for uninterrupted time to imagine and explore.

Through imaginary play, children process information, acquire pre-literacy and pre-math skills, learn conflict resolution, and explore fears and doubts. The Sandhurst 3-5s program enables children to practice making developmentally appropriate choices in an enriched environment.

Our Teacher

In Winter 2017, we welcomed Maddy Urdal as our new 3-5s teacher. Maddy is thrilled and honored to move into the lead teaching position of our 3-5s group. As a teaching assistant in the 3-5s classroom for the last 4 years, and a parent to two Sandhurst graduates, Maddy has witnessed first hand the power and importance of play to the cognitive and social-emotional growth of children. Her curriculum features opportunities for hands-on learning, deep imaginative play, and lots of outdoor exploration. She finds inspiration in the passions and interests of her students, and is dedicated to fostering a fun, enriching, and creative classroom. Maddy loves the wonderful uniqueness of each student and considers creating a safe and loving space for all kids to be a top priority. Through neighborhood clean-up projects, field trips, and literature, Maddy hopes to inspire the seeds of stewardship and empathy for our little co-op family and the larger community in which we live.

Maddy was born and raised in Seattle and has a degree in History from Whitman College. She and her wife, along with their two girls, love living in the neighborhood, having impromptu family parties, walking the duck ponds at Magnuson, and escaping to the coast. Maddy is an avid reader, co-op junkie, and life long lover of live theater. Sharing her creativity and love with preschoolers is exactly where she hoped to be when she grew up.

Class Details

Our 3 to 5s class meets Monday and Tuesday mornings from 9:30 to 12:30 and on Wednesday from 12:30 to 3:30. Children who are 4 by August 31st attend for a fourth day, Thursday from 12:30 to 3:30. Three day tuition is $190 per month and our four day tuition is $215 per month.

We follow the Seattle Public Schools calendar.

Contact Us

For registration information please contact the Parent Co-ordinator via the Openings Listing.


Our school is located 1.5 blocks East of View Ridge Park behind the Sandpoint Community United Methodist Church. Our address is:

4710 N.E.70th Street
Seattle, WA 98115

School phone: (206) 525-2649