Welcome to Wallingford 4 to 5s PM

Preschool meets from 12:30 - 3:30PM on Monday thru Thursday. Children must be 4 - 5 years old by August 31 of that year to participate.

Our Teacher - Kris Dickenson

Kris has been at Wallingford since the fall of 2005 and has a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education from the Bank Street College of Education in New York City. Kris uses her strong knowledge of child development and how young children learn to establish curriculum in the PM 4-5s class. She believes that children learn by doing, through play and interaction with materials and the social world around. Kris is a certified Positive Discipline trainer. She and her husband live in the Maple Leaf area and have two boys – one at Roosevelt High School and the other at Washington State University.

The schedule of the day:

Kris believes that children learn in their own way and time, and that their social- emotional life is interconnected with their cognitive development. Academic foundations are set in developmentally appropriate ways and concepts are offered in multiple ways and over time with the use of open-ended as well as discussion and facilitated experiences. These experiences meet them where they are and challenge them to become engaged, grow and experience learning with joy. Some examples of the curriculum include: literacy studies of Leo Lionni and world folktales, Kid of the Day program, weekly math/literacy called “Question of the Day,” a Family Study, a highly developed art program, and a large block area to support math and problem-solving skills. Studies often begin with questions of “what we know and what we want to find out” and end with “what we discovered” through class books, art exhibits or other visual materials. Field trips support experiential, constructive, hands on learning.

Social studies—who we are and how we are connected—is an overarching theme integrated into the curriculum supported by daily meeting where the class meets to talk, listen, exchange ideas and learn about one another and our larger community. This gives children voice in a safe, trusted environment supporting social emotional understanding and problem solving skills. Because 4-5s year olds are moving away from adults and increasingly turning to peers, the 4-5s program has a strong focus on social-emotional skill building, such as learning how to enter play with others, communicate needs with peers, what it means to be a friend and how to be member of the group. Classroom jobs help to support cooperation, listening, responsibility and independence. Kris uses her strong observational skills to find methods of responding to the needs of each class and individual children. Comprehensive spring parent teacher conferences help parents navigate the “kindergarten” search.

Parent Participation includes:


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School phone - (206)545-9110.


Please contact the Parent Coordinator through the co-op openings web-link to register or check available class openings.