Wedgwood Co-op Preschool

Welcome to the Pre-3s Class

The Gift of Play Supports the Love of Learning
In Pre-3's young children are afforded many opportunities to learn through playful exploration. Playful exploration accompanied by clear expectations and kind guidance from the teacher and parents promotes the development of social skills, emotional intelligence, scientific inquiry, literacy, physical capabilities (fine and large motor skills), mathematics, and a lifelong love of learning.

Our class is organized around weekly themes that emerge out of the children's direct experience and/or interests. Themes may include the seasons, feelings, friendship, animals, transportation, the weather, plant growth, balance, etc.

The majority of the class time is free choice — children have the chance to choose from a variety of activities designed to spark curiosity and delight, inspire imaginary play, and foster creativity.

Our Teacher - Kari Larson

Kari Larson

Kari Larson is an experienced coop teacher with 6 years experience teaching coop and 15 years teaching. Kari is a certified teacher in the state of Washington with a Master’s degree in Teaching. Kari has also held positions as a primary teacher for kindergarten through second grade. She wrote literacy curriculum for the multi-age primary team at Wildwood School and was a staff developer for the Lucy Calkin's Reading and Writing Program at the Evergreen School in Washington State. Kari is passionate about children's literature, always looking for ways children can be inspired by stories in imaginary play such as felt stories, movement and song. Kari has three children all of whom went through coop. What Kari most loves in coop is playing guitar and signing with the children in circle time as well as discovering the outdoors with the students in our natural play space everyday!

Pre-3 Class Schedule

9:30-10:00/11:30-12:00: Large motor play
10:00-10:15/12:00-12:15: Circle Time
10:15-10:30/12:15-12:30: Snack/ Lunch (In January we add a short parent led small group activity after snack time.)
10:30-11:25/12:30-1:25: Area Play
11:25-11:30/1:25-1:30: Closing Circle

Large motor play:

We have a wonderful enclosed yard to play in. Children have opportunities to run, climb stumps, throw balls, play in a large sand box, paint, dance with streamers, play with small parachutes, blow bubbles, and more!

When it is rainy, we play indoors. We have avariety of indoor large motor equipment for our use.

Area play:

Circle time:
Circle time includes singing, creative movement, listening to and participating in stories, and playing with rhythm and rhyme.

Parents in the Classroom

Parent participation is an important part of the Pre-3 program. Along with holding a class job, parents participate in class one day a week. During free choice time parents rotate through the centers helping children build vocabulary, problem solve, and learn to use materials. Parents bring snack approximately five times a year, and as the year progresses the parents at each snack table plan and lead small group activities. Together, children and parents have a rewarding, growth-filled and exciting experience.

Time Commitments

General Pre-3 Class Information


We are located at Faith Lutheran Church:

8208 18th Ave NE
Seattle, WA 98115

(Our preschool entrance is on East side of building, through the alley and down the stairs)

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To apply and check openings in our program please contact our parent coordinator through the openings listing.