PAC Scholarship Fundraising Policy

Information for PAC Representatives and Fundraisers at NSC Cooperative Preschools:

Starting from 2004-5 academic year, each co-op is responsible for supplying to the PAC scholarship fund an annual “minimum financial commitment” based on the number of families in that co-op.

The current amount is set at $25 per family. So, for example, a co-op of 20 families will owe $500 to this year’s PAC scholarship fund (due in March each year). Details of this policy are below.

PAC Fundraising Policy Memo

(April 12 2004, revised April 2005)
  1. Each year, PAC will vote at the April meeting to determine the minimum PAC scholarship financial commitment for each co-op for the following year. The assessment of the minimum obligation will be determined on the total number of enrolled students at the co-op on January 31st of the current school year.

  2. For the year 2005-6 this commitment will be $25 per student at the co-op. For example, a co-op with 20 students would have a total commitment of $500.

  3. Each co-op will determine how those funds will be raised. This commitment can be met by fee, donation, and/or fundraising. PAC will offer a fundraising opportunity which co-ops may choose to support or to opt out.

  4. PAC suggests that provisions are to be in place to allow an individual to meet their PAC commitment without a direct “out of pocket” expense (i.e., no required fee, but the opportunity to raise funds).

  5. Each co-op will have a line item for the minimum PAC scholarship fund in their annual budget.

  6. The scholarship financial support commitment is due to the PAC treasurer at the March PAC Meeting.

  7. Eligibility for PAC scholarships is dependent on the co-op meeting the designated PAC scholarship financial commitment and being active participants in PAC.

  8. If the changes have not already been made, co-ops will amend their by-laws and will add a clause to the parent contract, stating the agreement to meet the minimum PAC Scholarship financial obligation.