Raising Funds for Schools and Families

Each year our Co-op preschools contribute to a central scholarship fund to offer assistance to families in need. Many preschools undertake a fundraising drive to raise the money for their scholarship contribution as well as to supplement school resources.

Through this page you can find the following information:

  1. Fundraising Ideas for Your Co-op
  2. Contribute to the Scholarship Fund
  3. PAC Scholarship Fundraising Policy

Fundraising Ideas for Your Co-op

The following is a list of fundraising vendors/companies/ideas used by various co-op preschools to raise money for their individual preschools or PAC scholarship contribution. For current information on these companies please call or visit the website listed.

Cookie Dough
206-467-5044 ext 202

Coupon books:

Chinook Book The Coupon Book for Healthy Living

Entertainment Book company
1-800-846-7698 (Monday thru Friday, 9 am to 10pm EST and Saturday, 9 am to 6 pm).

Book Fairs

Most co-op members in the state buy books through Parenting Press,, (206) 364-2900, Ext. 101, which offers a Book Fair. Co-ops can use a cash rebate for fund-raising or a merchandise credit to buy books for co-op libraries.

Wrapping paper sales:

Sally Foster at
Sally Foster, Inc, PO BOX 532017, Atlanta, GA 30353-2017
Phone number 1800 552 5875

Non-Commercial options

There are some creative NON-commercial ideas at the following page that could be a lot of fun while still being a profitable fundraiser:

DIY Fundraising Ideas

Wreath and Holiday Greens

Bacon’s Christmas Tree Farm
Bremerton, WA
(360) 275-3162

L&O Evergreens
10709 12th Avenue E.
Tacoma, WA 98445
1-800-790-2164. (Sue)

Sherwood Forest Farm Wreaths
2001 Sixth Ave Suite 2170, Seattle WA 98121
1800 767 7778

Ann Reid, 1-877-848-9891, We make 33% of the sale and takes about 3 months turn around. Delivery charge depends on size of order. Call 1-3 weeks before school starts so you can get product before the holidays. “Parents really like this because they get a free magnet of their child's artwork. Their products make wonderful gifts for family and friends.”

Dutch Gardens

Contact 1-888-833-1486. Flower power fundraising, we make 50% of sales, no delivery charge. You can do one in the fall and another in the spring. Call the beginning of Sept. and they will send you everything you need. The orders need to be in by mid-October. Turn around about 2 weeks.

Educational books and toys

If you would like to host a book or toy party either at your home or during part of a school’s parent meeting contact Nancy or Andrea (see below). It is fun and more profitable to do this in the fall before the holidays.

Usborne Books Nancy Grinsell
Independent Supervisor

Discovery Toys Andrea Mano - Educational Consultant

Seek Direct Donations

Direct donations from individuals and companies are tax deductible. Many are willing to support local preschools. You might also consider seeking gifts from foundations, corporations, and local businesses like Windermere Realty

Matching gifts from employers

Many large employers offer to match your charitable donations. This can double the value of gifts and donations from co-op friends and family. Suggest that families who make donations to the PAC Scholarship Fund first check whether their employer will match their donation.

Garage and Rummage Sales

Parent's Night Out

Flower Bulb Sales

These are very popular in spring and fall.

Brecks Bulbs

Sell Educational Musical Instruments

Have a Puppet Sale
(for finger puppets and other puppets)

Scrip programs / Rebates / Gift Card Sales

Visit these websites for information on gift card sales, scrip programs, and rebate programs.

PCC Natural Markets scrip program

Scrip cards are special gift certificates used like cash at any PCC Natural Market. See the PCC frequently asked questions


Information on Safeway and education can be found in this information brochure and on the web site
Project Fundraiser - Through this program, non-profit organizations may purchase Safeway gift cards in bulk quantities at a discount. In return, they resell at retail cost and keep the remaining profit for the organization.


Albertsons is proud to offer the Community Partners program, giving back for youth one shopping cart at a time! Earning money for youth and education is now easier than ever - we've linked the Community Partners Card to the Preferred Savings Card. Shoppers can earn money for their favorite schools or non-profit youth organizations - just by using their Preferred Savings Card.

Kroger (Fred Meyer, QFC, etc.)

Discounts on gift certificates (non-profit organizations purchase gift certificates at a discount, usually 5%, then resell them at face value with Kroger donating the discount amount); and Rebate programs (non-profit organizations receive a rebate based on sales, which are tracked by scan cards at time of purchase or by submitted register tapes).