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Parent Education Program at NSC

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The mission of the Parent Education Program is to promote the development of knowledge and skills for strong and healthy families.

Parent education programs help students become more effective and satisfied in their role by helping them understand their child’s behavior, by encouraging them to recognize developmentally appropriate activities, by assisting them in acquiring valuable information in areas which affect the welfare of the “whole child,” and by teaching them methods to help their children develop responsible behavior.

Students’ comments on NSC Parent Education Program and Val Donato

The Val Donato Award

Val Donato, who died on April 21, 2013, was a tireless early childhood educator, remembered with praise and appreciation by colleagues, parents and teachers all over the state. Val was the Parent Education program coordinator for many years and a full-time instructor. She served countless families and teachers, over many years, with her wisdom, energy and dedication to the field.

Val graduated from Queens College in New York City with a BA in education. Arriving in Seattle in 1970, she enrolled in Parent Education/Child Study classes at North Seattle College and became active in the leadership of the classes, as a parent coordinator, treasurer and Advisory Council representative. She began teaching classes part-time in 1974. In 1997 she earned a master’s in human development with an emphasis on leadership in education. Val served on the board of the Organization of Parent Education Programs, the statewide group of Community College Parent Education Program Coordinators, for many years.

Since the award was initiated in 2007, many of the Parent Education Instructors have been recognized for their excellence in teaching and building community for children, families and teachers through our various classes. These instructors have received the award:

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