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Considering Kindergarten?

PAC's Kindergarten Readiness Committee updates this web resource for our co-op families. We make it available to all co-ops, not just the 3-5s, so parents can get a head-start on the process. This resource provides information about kindergarten options in the Seattle area.

See below for a selection of resources for interested families. Including:

Important Enrollment Dates for 2014-2015 School Year:

Enrolling your student in Seattle public schools:

Step 1: Determine your school. Use the SPS address look-up tool to find your attendance school. Students may also apply to attend any other school in the district. See the complete school directory.

Step 2: Download and complete forms.

Step 3: Submit forms and verify enrollment. Forms must be received (not postmarked) by March 7th. Submit your enrollment documents to SPS via mail, email, or in person.

Choosing a School:

Students are guaranteed a spot in their neighborhood “attendance” school. However, students may apply to any school in the district. Seattle has several option schools, which draw from larger areas, whose enrollment spots are allocated by lottery.

When choosing a school, be sure to check school websites for tours and open houses. These are generally held January to March each year. Get online to check out school reports, posted by SPS. You can also look on sites like Great Schools for parent reviews, comments, and other data.

Early Enrollment:

Early enrollment provides families an opportunity to get their school assignment and avoid the crowds of the busy spring and summer enrollment periods. All students who participate in early enrollment receive an initial assignment to their designated attendance school. If you wish to choose a different school for you student, you may do so during open enrollment.

Early enrollment events:

Families who attend will have a chance to meet school principals, hear from teachers about what to expect in kindergarten, and meet with Seattle Public Schools enrollment specialists who will help families enroll in kindergarten.

Fees for full day kindergarten:

Seattle Public Schools offers full-day kindergarten, which provides young learners the time they need to engage in learning and build the social and academic skills they need to support learning throughout their education.

However, Washington State does not provide enough funding to pay for full day kindergarten for all of our kindergarteners. As a result, some schools do not charge a fee, while other schools are fee-based. The rate for 2013-2014 is $3,110.00 per year.

Students can opt to enroll for half-day program participation, which is free of charge. Most schools can accommodate kindergarten students who choose to attend for half of the program day. Please talk with your school’s Principal if you are interested in half-day participation only.

Full-day fees are waived for:

Seattle Area Independent/Private Schools

Important Enrollment Dates for 2014-2015 School Year:

Visit Puget Sound Independent Schools for information, applications, and links to private schools in and around Seattle.
Visit the Northwest Association of Independent Schools for school options around Seattle and the Eastside.
See for a list of Seattle Private Schools plus comments and ratings from parents.

Kindergarten Readiness & Early Entrance Information

Kindergarten Readiness:

Early Entrance:

A Book on Choosing Your Child's School:

Kindergarten Readiness Checklist

by Peggy Gisler, Ed.S. and Marge Eberts, Ed.S.

While there's no perfect formula that determines when children are truly ready for kindergarten, you can use this checklist to see how well your child is doing in acquiring the skills found on most kindergarten checklists.

Check the skills your child has mastered. Then recheck every month to see what additional skills your child can accomplish easily.

Young children change so fast -- if they can't do something this week, they may be able to do it a few weeks later.

If your child has acquired most of the skills on this checklist and will be at least four years old at the start of the summer before he or she starts kindergarten, he or she is probably ready for kindergarten. What teachers want to see on the first day of school are children who are healthy, mature, capable, and eager to learn.