Community News: October, 2015-2016

Parents Worst Nightmare!

by Tania Hino, NSC Parent Educator

My heart goes out to all the parents and caregivers of the children who were affected by the Aurora Bridge accident. This could have been any one our chil- dren or someone dear to your heart. Our children getting injured, disabled or dying in an accident, is a parent’s worst nightmare. Let us take a few moments to count our blessings and together let’s send our love to all who were affected by this accident.

This could have happened to any one of us so it is always good to take the time to express our love to our loved ones since life can throw us a curve ball at any mo- ment. For example, on September 24th our guest Japanese exchange student was on the bus that was involved in this terrible accident. Once I found out that North Seattle College students were involved, my first thoughts were, I hope he was not on that bus. Unfortunately, as it turned out, he was on the bus and he was in the ER with my husband when I finally reached him. I was relieved to find out that he escaped with minor injuries even though some of his friends who were sitting close by had more severe injuries.

This terrible accident reminds me of how short and fragile our lives are. As a mother, I want my children to be happy. However, I get blind sided with worries about their future and I forget to enjoy them in the present. I am so focused on telling them to not talk with their mouth full, complete your homework, watch your manners, be respectful, be responsible and so forth. We keep saying that we want our kids to be happy but then we put all this pressure and stress on them because we want them to be successful, respectful, responsible, progressive, etc. There are many ways of parenting children and at times they contradict each oth- er. We should all remember as a parent/caregiver that everything will be alright at the end of the day and to enjoy our kids in the present. Connecting with your child is the most important part of parenting. Every day we need to connect with our children and our significant other. To be mindful about giving a heart felt goodbye, taking the time to say “I love you” or just say “I am sorry” when we mess up. As a busy working mother, my day can be very hectic and sometimes I forget to be in the present moment. I wish I had given my exchange student a heart felt goodbye before he left the house on the day of the accident. Our exchange stu- dent has a second chance but unfortunately for some of the parents they do not get that second chance. Please take the time to connect with all the people around you especially your loved ones since we never know.

Let us create a mindful way of living life in memory of the departed and injured students in the Aurora accident.

In our daily lives, saying goodbyes can be difficult especially when one of the parties involved is angry or stressed out. Let us try these few ideas.

  • Observe your own body to see whether you feel stressed, angry, or happy. Accept how you feel at that moment in time and do not try to change it. Take the time to say goodbye or hello.
  • Intimate touch: For example, holding your kid’s hands while you are walking with them, listening to your kid’s stories while you walk with them (without making a shopping list). Our kids know when we are paying attention. Kiss- ing your significant other before leaving to work etc.
  • Be honest. Just say, “I am stressed because I have a paper due but I love you and have a great day”.
  • Listening without an agenda.
  • Smile, smile and smile more.

Remember, everything will be all right at the end.
If it is not all right, then it is not the end.

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